A strong duo – European rental company meets Italian young player

Beyer-Mietservice KG has received 40 innovations from the renowned Italian manufacturer Magni in recent weeks. Equipped with Stage-V-engines from Volvo and Deutz, all 40 rotating telescopic


handlers meet the latest exhaust emission standards for construction machinery. This makes Beyer-Mietservice the first rental company in Germany to offer its customers rotating telescopic handler with Stage-V-compliant engines.

Other components, such as fully air-conditioned pressurized cabin, radio remote control, attachments and the option of equipping with TWIN-ENERGY system as well as automatic attachment recognition make the rotating telescopic handlers an indispensable solution with significant advantages when it comes to demanding construction projects.

The range of new products varies from 17.56 m to 29.80 m lifting height and from 4,000 kg to 7,000 kg load capacity. Also reaches of 14.25 m to 26 m are convincing for demanding lifting work.



Large attachment package for new rotating telescopic handlers

Beside the Stage-V-compliant rotating telescopic handlers from Magni Telescopic Handlers, Beyer-Mietservice has also ordered a large package of attachment tools. In addition to the TWIN-ENERGY system, this package includes platforms with and without winch, telescopic jibs, winches, buckets and jibs with winches and hook. Due to the large selection of attachments, the rotating telescopic handlers also act multifunctional as a crane, aerial work platform and forklift.


Additional attachments – also with TWIN ENERGY system for emission free use

The extensive attachment package also includes the TWIN ENERGY system. This system is the optimum solution for emission-free use of rotating telescopic handlers in closed or non-ventilated

 width=areas. Furthermore, all lifting and positioning movements of rotating telescopic handlers are still possible and when using the radio remote control, the user also benefits from arbitrary

positioning and optimum view to the telescopic handler, the load and the working area. The electro-proportional joystick mounted on the radio remote control allows movements of turret and telescopic boom very sensitively and precisely.






A conscious decision for environmentally responsible innovations

Beyer-Mietservice relies on state-of-the-art technology for machines and attachments in its rental fleet. That was the reason why the decision was made in favor of rotating telescopic handlers from the Italian manufacturer Magni, including a large attachment package. Thanks to the innovative engine technology, which complies to the latest Stage-V emission standard, Beyer-Mietservice offers its customers from industry and construction an environmentally conscious innovation.


The rotating telescopic handlers are a symbiosis of craftmanship tradition, innovation, technology, design and function. The result is powerful telescopic handlers of high quality and reliability. Beyer- Mietservice also passes this high quality and reliability on to its customers one-to-one. This rental company operates Europe-wide and with locations all over Germany, is continually expanding its rental fleet, which now numbers more than 5,000 machines and equipment.


To increase in the rental fleet, it is also an important factor for the rental company. In addition to the optimum availability of rotating telescopic handlers and attachments for multifunctional use, Beyer-Mietservice creates more working areas and thus economically secure prospects for skilled workers.

A symbolic handover of the new rotating telescopic handlers from Magni to Beyer-Mietservice is planned for the end of September 2020. An interview with Alexander Reisch from Magni will also be held during this date.


 Company profile Beyer-Mietservice KG

Beyer-Mietservice KG was founded in 1994 and has expanded continuously over the years to become a Europe-wide rental company with more than 5,000 machines and attachments, nationwide branches and a company-owned transport and low-loader fleet.

As a rental generalist, Beyer-Mietservice is the first rental company in Germany to offer Magni rotating telescopic handlers with Stage V compliant engines. As a future-oriented company, the expansion of rental fleet with 40 rotating telescopic handlers from Magni Telescopic Handlers was a logical consequence when it came to rental machines with state-of-the-art technology and low emissions. All services provided by Beyer-Mietservice focus on customer- and demand-oriented solutions. width=