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Articulated platforms


Max. working height: 28.10 m

Max. basket height: 26.10 m

Articulation point: 9.14 m

Max. reach: 19.40 m

Below-ground height: 6.60 m

Below-ground reach: 14.20 m

Max. platform load capacity: 250 kg

Max. gradeability (stowed): 45%

Max. working slope: X -5° / Y -5°

Max. wind speed: 12.5 m/s

Platform length: 11.83 m

Platform width (tyres): 2.50 m

Platform height: 2.89 m

Wheelbase: 2.80 m

Tailswing: 1.61 m

Ground clearance: 0.43 m

Turning radius (outside): 3.74 m

Turning radius (inside): 0.98 m

Turret rotation (continuous): 360°

Boom vertical rotation: 112° (+72°/-40°)

Jib type: Regular

Jib length: 2.60 m

Jib vertical rotation: 135° (-54°/+81°)

Basket width: 0.90 m

Basket length: 2.44 m

Basket rotation: 180° (+/-90°)

Total weight: 18,400 kg

Travel speed (closed config.): 6 km/h

Travel speed (working config.): 1.1 km/h

Tyres: 385/45-28

Engine: Deutz TD2.9 L4 55.4 kW

Diesel tank capacity: 135 l

Hydraulic tank capacity: 165 l

Electrical system: 12 V DC

Transmission: Hydrostatic


EN 280: concerning the standard of aerial platforms


The DAB28RT articulating boom lift has a maximum capacity of 250 kg and a working height of 28,10 m. Already available with Stage V Engine, this machine allows to reach even the most difficult point, thanks to its ability to easily overcome any obstacle. This platform has a low centre of gravity design for a perfect global stability: the new design is engineered to have incomparable lifting performances and to respond to a growing market trend for maximum combination of height and outreach. It guarantees also better maintenance of the engine compartment and other components. The tilting control panel is located at ergonomic height to facilitate operation from the ground and moving the unit into trucks in complete safety.

This articulating boom lift is equipped also with:

  • 4-wheel drive & steering
  • Front oscillating axles to match the terrain irregularities granting optimal adherence to the ground
  • Differential Locking
  • Power to platform
  • Safe to use in winds up to 12,5 m/s
  • Integrated diagnostics screen with CAN BUS technology
  • High probability to parts in common with other models of the range
  • Foam filled tyres


Furthermore, the basket has an easy access thanks to two sliding bar entrances, both projected to enter and exit easily even while wearing safety equipment. It is equipped also with: safety bars, that sense the pressure and, in case they are hit, stop immediately the machine. Additional safety devices: joystick with safety trigger and deadman switch pedal, that are additional securities to drive the machine, and 4 anchor point of harness to give all the safety the operator needs.


  • 360° rotation
  • Four-wheel drive
  • CAN bus
  • Oscillating axle
  • Large opening facilitates maintenance
  • Horn
  • Hour counter
  • Flashing light
  • Foam-filled tyres
  • Electric safety pump
  • Emergency stop button
  • Movement alarm sensors
  • Emergency lowering system
  • On-board diagnostics system
  • Drivable at full height
  • Hydraulic Platform Rotation
  • 4 Wheels Steering


Outdoor use

Minor construction

Paintings & restorations

Plant Services


Large events

Ship and aircraft inspection


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