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Cod.: ATT-08-007



Automatic attachment recognition: Yes

Load Capacity: 600 kg

Lifting Capacity: 75 kg/aspiration plate

N° Suction Cups: 8

Diameter Suction Cups: 300 mm

Battery: 12 V / 4 A

Battery Power: 7 Ah

Working Temperature: 0°C a 40°C


Vacuum Master is the ideal accessory for safely moving pieces of glass in outdoor environments. It allows loads of up to 600 kg to be lifted in the horizontal and vertical position. The pieces can be rotated by 90° in one plane and 360° in another, and held at 45° increments. This allows for perfect alignment of the glass components and their insertion in the façade. Thanks to its modular structure, the lifting device can be perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the part. An LED indicator provides information on the charge status of the 12 V battery, which is rechargeable and replaceable. The regulated vacuum pump ensures constant operational availability for up to 8 hours.

This attachment is available for RTH range.


Window installation

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