The Company Profile aim is to present Magni world, analysing figures and numbers and showing the main result of the roto market trends. This is a real must-have to fully get in touch with our worldwide Team in order to be updated on the most relevant features of our Company.


Magni Brand guide line describes the visual and verbal elements that represent MAGNI ‘s corporate identity. The Brand Identity exist to provide clear, reliable and enduring guidance on how to use the Brand Elements around the world. It’s very important to respect it because the brand is our first asset, so help us to protect our precious Logo.


The code of ethics can be defined as the company’s Constitutional Charter. It is a set of rights and moral duties that outlines the social and ethical responsibilities of each participant in the business.

It is therefore an effective tool to fairly manage the transactions and human relations. It supports the company’s reputation, thus increasing its trust towards the outside world.”

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