La Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd nomina il primo rivenditore

La Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd nomina il primo rivenditore

Magni Telescopic Handlers UK Ltd (Magni UK) is pleased to announce the appointment of Hodge Plant Ltd as its exclusive dealer for Scotland. Hodge Plant Ltd represents an important step forward in the sales and marketing of the Magni range in Scotland and will guarantee the necessary support for both new and existing Magni customers.
Alistair Hodge and Riccardo Magni signed the new partnership during a recent visit to the plant. Magni has big plans for the UK market and Hodge Plant Ltd will play a central role in these plans.

Alistair’s answer when we asked him what led him to establish this partnership was:

After many months of research, both among the customers and among the manufacturers in the market of retailers of rotating and heavy duty telehandlers, it became clear that the Magni brand continued to be the subject of discussion. Examining the specifications of the machines and ranges available, I soon realized that the machines emerged in an exclusive class, bringing quality of the structure, technology, safety features and performance to a level much higher than their competitors. I am the sole Chief Executive Officer and owner of Hodge Plant Ltd and there is my name on the door, so it was important that I could associate with a company that demonstrates my commitment to its products and its staff. Recently participating in a factory visit with Alex White from Magni UK, I quickly had confirmation of what the market said about the Magni company and its products. For the past 30 years I have been taking part in many visits to production plants and I thought that by now there was nothing new to see, but the visit to Magni left me amazed. I could not understand how it had been possible to build a factory and a significant market share in the incredibly short period of 4-5 years but, after spending some time with Riccardo and Carlo Magni, I could clearly see how the passion of the family and the entire Magni team have brought the company to success.

Working with Magni UK, Hodge Plant Ltd is planning an intense promotion of the Magni brand in Scotland, making it reach a much wider audience than the previous one. When asked what his plans for Magni were, Alistair replied:

We plan to transform the Magni brand in Scotland in the same way that we transformed the Case brand, taking it from a few sales a year to one of the leading names in Scotland in less than 4 years. We have 3 warehouses in Scotland, which are currently the work base of 9 technicians. All the technicians will be retrained in the Magni factory in order to support the full range of their products. These warehouses are ideally positioned to provide a wide range of sales and support services for the construction, ports, quarries and oil and gas extraction industries. Our knowledge in these markets is already very thorough and we see Magni as a natural talent in these sectors.

Hodge Plant Ltd will operate a range of demonstration machines that have been chosen to reflect the needs of customers in Scotland. These Magni machines will support the complete fleet of Case demonstration machines that they already manage. Hodge Plant Ltd has its own means of transport, so it can react to customer requests quickly and provide complete assistance from order to delivery. They will also have a stock of Magni parts to minimize machine downtime.
A final statement by Alistair on what he thought of the new partnership was:

I’m really happy to have signed this agreement with Magni. After meeting the Magni family and seeing the ethics and positive attitude of the company, I am happy to start a relationship that will continue to strengthen for many years to come.

The Hodge Plant will exhibit the Magni machine range at the upcoming ScotPlant show and we look forward to meeting new customers to show them these fantastic machines. In the meantime, please contact us for more information.

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