Magni Americas Inc. is located in Edwardsville, Kansas, USA, approximately 16 miles from the east of the city of Kansas. This branch has the task of developing the Magni market east of the Mississippi River through the search for new dealers, assessing their capabilities. They provide after-sales assistance and service, as a routine activity, and technical training for new dealers.

The Magni Americas technicians are trained directly from the parent company in order to guarantee the same quality as Magni also for the after-sales service. They are prepared to solve problems even by telephone. The premises dedicated to post sales and assistance, in Edwardsville, have a surface of 465 m², as well as the Spare Parts Warehouse; the Administration Office comprises a 140 m² area with ample parking. They supply the area of Canada and the United States for spare parts, with express delivery the day after when requested. Their technicians offer refresher courses to different customers within the premises, or when necessary, at customer sites.

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