Magni combines US Operations

Magni combines US Operations

Magni Telehandler SRL based in Italy and manufacturer of Magni Rotating and Fixed Boom Telehandlers, has announced that they have combined their Kansas and New Jersey operations into a combined unit named Magni America, LLC.  Both the New Jersey and Kansas facilities will remain in operation with both locations stocking Magni machines, parts and accessories.


Riccardo Magni, Magni’s President, stated “Formerly we had two legally separate operations which created confusion in the marketplace with our growing national dealer base and national accounts. By now combining the operations into a single company our customers have a single point of contact for improved customer service and support. With two facilities in the US fully stocked, our service and support is the best in the country. With our growing base of close to 1,000 Magni’s in the US, we are investing heavily in facilities, parts stocking, training, and staffing, including the construction of a new state-of-the-art headquarters in New Jersey.”


Magni advises that current employees will remain with the company, with the headquarters being the New Jersey location and the Kansas facility operating as a satellite. Magni also has an import/storage yard in Houston Texas to additionally support it’s growing operations, and now stocks over 1 million dollars in parts in the US for fast support of it’s machines.


Magni’s CEO, Filippo Lavelli, will oversea all US sales and operations with additional duties handled by VP/CFO and Magni US principal Daniel Blum, Sales Manager VP Joe Leinwol, Operations/Marketing VP Gary Weisman, Service Manager Victor Valera, and Controller Tara Tryde.


For additional information please contact Gary Weisman, 908-280-8899 or [email protected]

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