Magni TH France is based in Vigneux de Bretagne, near Nantes; the plant consists of an office complex, a space of over 2500 m² used as a testing area and a large parking area for storing the machines.

It also provides a training room to allow mechanics and / or dealers to be able to update comfortably, without necessarily having to reach the Headquarters in Italy.

One of the strengths of Magni TH France is the spare parts warehouse: it expands over 800 m² and enables customers who need replacement parts to be satisfied in the shortest possible time. Moreover, a further advantage is its proximity to the motorway, so that it can be reached easily and comfortably.

The presence of this branch on the French market allows us to have a direct and close relationship with all potential customers, providing any possible advice and giving them the opportunity to have a close encounter with our machines: Magni TH France places our customers in condition to try and analyze them according to their needs, so as to be able to personally verify their high quality.

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