Lifting capacity: 1,763.70 lb

Capacity at maximum height: 1,763.70 lb

Lifting height: 511.81 Inches

Outreach: 251.97 Inches

Engine: Perkins 1104D - 44T Turbo

Nominal power: 100 cv - 75 KW

Length: 292.52 inches

Width: 98.43 Inches

Clear light from the ground: 0,33 Inches

Empty weight: 19,400.68 lb

Speed of movement: 7.46 Mph

Air conditioning as standard: No


The Rickilift 15 model is characterized by its hydrostatic transmission and the possibility of controlling the machine directly from the basket, giving the possibility of being able to rise up to 15 meters in height. This application was specifically designed by MAGNI Telescopic Handlers to follow the entire chain of cultivation and harvesting of palm dates.

The machine, in fact, thanks to the large “U” shaped basket and hydraulically lockable around the tree, allows to perform palm pollination thanks to the sprayer with diffuser installed on the basket and the large stainless steel tank. The large surface of the basket makes it possible to work at a height of 4 people simultaneously on the 360 ​​° of the tree so as to make the operations of thinning and harvesting the fruit as fast as possible.

As an option, the platform can be equipped with a quick hydraulic grip and a compressed air system for the use of hydraulic or air tools such as shears to cut excess leaves from palm trees.




Hydraulic safety cage provision

Front axle oscillation

Safety cage compressed air outlet

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