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P.T Universal Traktor Indonesia Magni Product Launch.

P.T Universal Traktor Indonesia Magni Product Launch.

P.T. Universal Traktor Indonesia, our distributor for Indonesia, conducted a Magni Product launch attended by about 60 customers. The product launch was a demonstration of models TH 6.20, HTH 16.10 and RTH 5.25 with our innovative Negative Boom. During the demonstration, customers were able to witness the use of numerous attachments such as standard forks, Tire Handler, 360° Rotating forks & Hook with Winch.

Customers were all caught by surprise when for the very first time in Asia ULTI showcased Magni’s most spectacular attachment called Negative Boom termed also as TP-OU. This TP-OU is capable of being configured either in Negative or Positive position with a platform attached to it. With the TP-OU coupled with a 340 degrees rotating platform, customers witnessed how a bridge inspection can be carried out with ease. This attachment is suited for Bridge and Viaduct inspections or extended reach.
Magni continues to grow its market in the North and South East Asia, thanks to our dealer network.


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