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The Magni TH photo contest.

Take part in our new photo contest!

The challenge is focused on shots that represent construction quality, work on building sites and people who work on Magni machines every day. In addition to construction settings and industrial areas, breathtaking landscapes around the world will provide a backdrop to our machines and will make your photos unique. Perspectives and optical illusions are the ingredients that can be blended together to produce the best shot possible.

The aim is to assemble a collection of photographs to celebrate our range – this was the inspiration for the name MAGNItude.

It will be held from 9th September to 31th October 2019

It is simple and fast. You just need to click on your camera or smartphone


Take 3 photos of a Magni or, if you have one, of the RTH 6.35 SH model.


Send the shots by filling out the form on this page


You can win incredible prizes! The best photo will be rewarded with a GoPro®!

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