BE 512


Technical features


The BOAT EAGLE 512 model is a specific product for towing, moving and storing of vessels in a dry dock. It allows boats of different sizes to be moved with ease, allowing them to be kept lowered while driving without interfering with visibility. The machine offers excellent manoeuvrability to move around tight spaces in shipyards and dry docks, but nevertheless offers excellent stability thanks to the rigidity of the chassis and main telescopic boom.

It offers a range of high-tech and high-quality features which make it fast, efficient and reliable:

  • The hydraulic system is electro-proportional and supported by hydraulic components from the leading manufacturers on the market, allowing high-pressure operation
  • The marine painting cycle guarantees protection against salt-mist environments, including components immersed in sea water, of up to 1500 hours
  • It features software which allows the speed of the machine’s hydraulic movements to be customised to requirements and customer needs
  • It is equipped with a hydraulic elevating cab up to 2.999 mm from the ground to provide excellent visibility during all boat lifting and launching operations, as well as during their transport
  • It is possible to have a camera on the telescopic boom to facilitate the entry in the water and in the rack of the boat.
  • It is equipped with a load moment indicator which stores specific load charts and, analysing the load and its position in the space, identifies the work configuration of the machine. It compares all the load data with the stored load charts and, in cade of overload, it stops all the aggravating movements.